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"Firing Your Way to Success" by Joseph Anderson. Available this fall!


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Brian Brady, Owner, Inciting Incident

“Entrepreneurship is hard.  You have to get in the arena in order to truly know what it takes to win.  Most startup founders struggle with knowing when to let go.  They can hold onto ideas, products, and people far too long. This can lead to problems that can ultimately derail the business.  Joseph Anderson shares his experiences so you can learn his path, and have clarity on your own.  Mr Anderson shares  how he built ConnexEccomerce to be a leader in business software. Firing Your Way to Success is part history lesson, part instruction manual that any startup founder can keep on their bookshelf to refer to when they feel stuck”


Donna Karlin, CEO of the No Ceiling Just Sky Institute, Author, International Speaker, and Coaching Psychologist

"This book isn’t just about business; it’s about reclaiming your life. The author’s candid, no-nonsense style will engage and inspire you, challenging you to rethink your approach and embrace a strategy that prioritizes your well-being as much as your bottom line.

In Firing Your Way to Success, you have a roadmap to a more profitable, balanced, and fulfilling business journey. Embrace it, and prepare to transform not just your business, but your entire life."